Federal budget for 2010 to be ‘written anew’ - Kudrin - 9 Мая 2009 - База статей о бизнесе
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Главная » 2009 » Май » 9 » Federal budget for 2010 to be ‘written anew’ - Kudrin
Federal budget for 2010 to be ‘written anew’ - Kudrin
MOSCOW, April 22 (Itar-Tass) -- Russia’s federal budget for 2010 will be written anew, Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said.

However, “all public social liabilities will remain, this is for certain,” Kudrin promised in an interview the daily Vedomosti published on Wednesday.

“Apparently, there will be less subsidies to the economy. Their large value today is due to the anti-crisis measures. The federal programs will be adjusted. Some will remain intact, and others will be reduced,” the finance minister said. “It has been agreed that programs encouraging contracts for the production of high technologies for Russian enterprises, such as Glonass and Kosmos programs, will stay unchanged.”

The main feature distinguishing the 2010 federal budget from this year’ s is the 2009 budget is merely an abridged version of the original one. All budget articles were cut proportionately, to the same extent, Kudrin explained.

“The 2010 budget will be written anew. We shall finance only most essential things. Whereas before we allowed for an outpacing growth of incomes even against the growth of the GDP, now we shall no longer be able to afford this,” he warned.

“Regrettably, there are no guarantees the world economy will start emerging from the crisis in 2010. In the meantime, many count on further state support,” the finance minister said. “Already now it is clear that the level of state support will be going down in case of any march of events. In 2009 the size of the package of incentives is 6 percent of the GDP. As for next year, I am unable to name a figure right away, but it will be much smaller.”

“It is already clear for us that a five-percent deficit will be the net factor of the budget,” Kudrin stated. “If the GDP proves below the forecast all of a sudden, then the nominal value of budget spending will have to be pegged to the deficit.”

“If we cope with this task, we shall be able to say that we manage our economy and our liabilities,” he said. “The new principle of budget planning is the government ministers within the framework of the allowed limits will be able to vary the size of current and capital spending. Our main task is to preserve macroeconomic stability.”
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